Seton Shorts – Spring 2023

Knights of Columbus hold Blood Drive on April 30th

By Dick Milanese

The Knights of Columbus are holding a Blood Drive in the parish on April 30. There is a critical shortage of blood and your donations are very important. United Blood Services, a division of Vitalant, provides all the blood for all the Maricopa Hospitals and 93 % of the Blood for the State of Arizona. They provide over 600 pints of blood a day. They take normal donations as well as plasma and Power red donations which are the equivalent of two regular donations. The knights will be manning a table on the weekend before the drive Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday April 23rd, to make appointments and sign-up donors after all masses. The drive will take place on Sunday, April 30th in the parish hall. Our goal is to collect 40 donations. The knights will help with sign-ins and hosting the drive. If anyone wishes to give at the Vitalant Center rather than at the church or at a different time, they can schedule an appointment there and the parish will be credited for it. Their phone number is 877-258-4825. As an incentive to contribute, they will issue a $10 Amazon gift card in the mail after donation that is redeemable by E mail. If you were not able to give before because of exposure to Malaria or because of travel restrictions, please check as the restrictions have been eased and you are now likely eligible to donate. If this drive is successful the knights hope to make this a quarterly event. Your donations are critical and very much appreciated.

Where is Elizabeth Seton?

Look no further than the west entrance of the church for behold, there sits St. Elizabeth in her new quiet corner; just the place to say a short prayer to our saint.

Fr. Bill Green Leaves Arizona

With a heavy heart we wish Fr. Bill Green farewell as he leaves the desert bound for his home state of Minnesota. During his time at St. Elizabeth Seton, he brought humor, a great smile and a warm friendly carisma. We bid him safe journey.

Mardi Gras/Burning of Palms

On Tuesday, February 21st, Fr. Kilian burned palms brought in from parishioners who had saved them from last year to make ready the burnt offering; the ash that will be placed on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, the foll0wing day. Then the fun began with his non-burnt offering, food delightfully smoked on Fr. Kilian’s grill. Many brought food to share in this pot luck Mardi Gras celebration.


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