Editorial – Summer 2024

by Lou Allocco

Welcome to the Summer 2024 issue of The Family Seton online parish newsletter! In this issue, you will read about several great activities our various parish organizations are involved in which benefit so many in our community, both inside and outside of our St. Elizabeth Seton (SES) parish. These include the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, who recently had a special installation ceremony of their new officers. We also welcome two new members to our Family Seton writing staff, and you will learn about their unique backgrounds and experiences in this issue.

We are truly blessed at SES to have parishioners from widely diverse backgrounds who share their time and exceptional skills for our benefit. Among these are the audio/video volunteers who work “behind the scenes” to provide the invaluable gift of the Mass online to those who are unable to attend in person due to health or other reasons; you’ll learn about them in this issue. You will also be treated to special summertime recipes from team members who share these in the hope of providing more joy on your sizzling summer days.

In the past several issues of The Family Seton, there were book reviews with the common theme of “Dynamic Conversions.” These were biographies of individuals who had been living without God in their lives; some of these had been atheists while others had strayed far from God’s law. These people experienced incredible conversions to the Catholic Faith and tell their stories to encourage and enlighten others. This issue features the story of Jennifer Fulwiler, which is inspirational, entertaining, and humorous. If you know of some friend or family member who does not know God’s love, consider getting them a copy of one of these remarkable hope-filled books.

In this issue you will learn much more about our own Deacon Sal, including the heroic hurricane relief effort he was involved in which provided assistance to those devastated by Hurricane Katrina. (The previous Winter 2024 issue of The Family Seton described Deacon Sal’s prison ministry in Illinois.)

Finally, we say goodbye to our beloved Sister Mary Beverly who is moving to the Bronx, New York. We are so grateful that God shared her with us.

Please share these articles with others who are on Facebook or other social media. And consider being a member of The Family Seton staff; we always welcome new writers, and you may have an important message to share which could greatly improve the lives of others.

God bless you and yours.


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