Father Kilian Welcomes Court Madonna at St. Elizabeth Seton

In the Summer 2022 issue of The Family Seton, Joyce Voss wrote a nice introduction to the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. The regent of Court Madonna #2067 met with Father Kilian this past November to ask if the court and its members could use meeting space at St. Elizabeth Seton. Father said he’d welcome our members to his parish.

In November, after celebrating a memorial Mass for our deceased members at St Elizabeth’s, we met at Sunview Mortuary to inform the members of our new meeting location. Our December meeting at St. Elizabeth’s included a baby shower with gifts for Baby Jesus; the gifts were donated to First Way of Maricopa. The highlight on our agenda for January is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Court Madonna.

To recap some of the history of the court, Father William Waldron, Pastor of St. Clement of Rome, met with Rose Jackowitz and the committee to form the new court that was instituted on January 14, 1973. There were 38 Catholic women who signed the charter; Court Madonna currently has 69 members who are from St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Clement of Rome, St. Joachim and St. Annes.

The present Regent, Bernadette Labat, served as a District Deputy for Court Madonna for several years. She fondly remembers Past Regent Marie Keating and Legislative Chairperson May Corvo, as well as members who served and then relocated, such as Past Regent Annette Smith and her sister, former Financial Secretary Pat Haas.

CDA Court Madonna #2067 members from our November Mass and meeting. The officers are: Regent Bernadette Labat, Vice Regent Patricia Essenfeld, Financial Secretary Peggy Boelke, Treasurer Joyce Nimis, and Recording Secretary Peggy Countryman.

The structure of Catholic Daughters is based on the Circle of Love program, which is a circular symbol with seven spokes which serve as a guide to the practice of our motto, Unity and Charity: 

  1. Spiritual Enhancement involves personal and members’ growth in Faith, with practices of communal Masses, monthly rosary rallies, Fatima devotions, perpetual adoration, 7 Sisters Apostolate prayer for vocations, priests, bishops and seminarians. Members attend Bible studies and serve as lectors, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, and volunteers in parish offices.  
  1. Quality of Life involves the service work we do to enhance the lives of others. CDA members have helped with disaster relief, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, food drives, water drives, and homeless meals. Members of Court Madonna are active members of St Vincent de Paul as well. 
  1. Legislation is directed by a Court Madonna member and chair, Flo Fredericks. She provides information on pending State and National Legislation which concerns Religious Freedom and Abortion. Members of Court Madonna took an active role in past elections helping at the polls and making numerous phone calls to encourage voters to participate in our elections as well as running for office.  
  1. Family is an area that tries to encourage strong family ties and respect for traditional values, as well as a respect for the blessings portrayed in the differences of male and female as created by God. Court Madonna encourages parents and grandparents to attend Mass as a family, participate in family prayer time, have dinner as a family and spend time talking and listening to family members. Members are encouraged to pray for the 13,000 AZ children in foster care. 
  1. Leadership involves recognizing God-given talents and utilizing them for the good of the order. New members and those who have not served as officers for the court are encouraged to step up and be an officer for a two-year term. The State court provides a workshop for new court officers to inform them of their duties as well as the needed paperwork of their position.  Newly elected officers are installed at a Mass and are prayed for and supported by the members. 
  1. Education involves informing members of our court about bylaws, standing rules, budgeting, and the National Tools of the Trade.  Court Madonna is receiving new members monthly and will continue to provide an ongoing orientation for all members to encourage participation in planned events, such as our annual spaghetti dinner and auction.   
  1. Youth is where we begin with Junior Catholic Daughters of America, a part of the organization which includes girls from 6-17 years of age. This group focuses on Catholic values and is supervised by an adult Catholic Daughter. Where there is no JCDA court, the members of Court Madonna have sponsored education contests for Catholic school children, RCIA, and other youths of the parish as well as helping with vacation Bible school. 

Court Madonna is a growing vibrant group of practicing Catholic women who desire to find new activities and fundraising events to participate in to allow for donations to the parishes and communities of the members. 

For more information about this National organization for practicing Catholic women please call Bernadette Labat at 602-565-6429 or email her at nabityb@yahoo.com. 


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