St. Elizabeth Seton Conference – Opening Our Hearts

By Y. Evans & K. Boeck

Every now and then our conference experiences a home visit that gives us a feeling we wish to share.  On one of our routine home visits our home visitors had a call to a new neighbor that invited them into her home and apologized that they would have to sit on the floor. It had been a very difficult year for her. She went on to say her prior relationship had been very tumultuous with periods of violence and abuse.  She had to get herself and her four children out of that environment for her sanity and the safety of her family. She left with only a few items, leaving most of her belongings behind. She explained that she continues to be threatened and has sought law enforcement assistance.

As our partners listened, they told her that they were there to provide support, peace and do whatever they could to help her and her children. The lady is working full time from home and is proud of her job. She is working at a small card table for her computer and a chair. The living/dining room is bare.  Several bags of food and household supplies were brought, and help was given with a partial rent payment.  While there, the lady was told of our relationship with City Serve (program operating out of Grand Canyon University Campus, which has surplus goods for charity organizations), and our Thrift Store, and Auto program.  There is no vehicle because she was in an accident a few months prior with a “hit and run”.

The visit was ended by praying for God’s grace and blessing and telling her she would be our new “neighbor and friend”. There were many ways the partners hoped to help her. With the holidays ahead she was told our “Turkey Tuesday” and “Adopt a Family” events. 

After taking care of the rent payment and leaving, we called our president to discuss ordering needed furniture for the family, and determining whether she could be a recipient of our “Auto Fund” program. Necessary items were ordered from City Serve and “like new” furniture was obtained from a close neighbor in Sun City.  About 10 days after the visit, delivery of the furniture was arranged.

Delivery was marked with delight by the twin 7-year-old son and daughter, along with her 16-year-old son, who plays football and gladly stepped up to help. He gladly carried the large chair, sofa, end tables and cushions to the second story apartment. It was a great celebration with tears and hugs all around! A few days later bed frames and a table lamp were delivered.

Then came the delivery of a wonderful, donated truck!  Walter Jurczak and Mary Anne Berens generously donated The Chevy Silverado! It had new tires and an engine in good working order.  Our conference paid about $1000 for some repairs. The lady could now transport her children, go to the doctor appointments, and attend meetings with her employer.  Our president said she never had such a warm, grateful hug as the lady gave her that day!

St. Elizabeth Seton Parish Catholic Daughters stepped up to the “Adopt a Family” Christmas Sponsor for this deserving family.  It has been an experience blessed by the Holy Spirit for all who participated to help the family get back on their feet in a secure environment they can call “home”.


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