Food for the Soul

By Joyce Voss

Have you considered attending a Bible Study?

What? You say you don’t have the time? You think it probably is too hard and maybe a little BORING?

Well, yes, it can be a little hard at times, but in discussions much is clarified. No doubt time needs to be invested for class and for study. But boring? Oh no! The discoveries you will make, coming to a deeper understanding of God’s Word, can be life changing.

Here is what Bible study has meant to some:

  • “Studying the Bible is a source of joy for me and it can detox you from hopelessness and bitterness.”
  • “It strengthens me and gives me courage.”
  • “Helps me to see God’s will for my life.”
  • “Makes me really see God’s blessings in my life.”
  • “Bible study matures my faith.”
  • “It brings to life Biblical times, the challenges of His followers, and the love and compassion of Jesus.”

Someone long ago came up with an acronym to emphasize how important the Bible is. The book contains Basic Information Before Leaving Earth (B I B L E). Sounds about right!

Jesus is our brother, our friend, whom we love. If we love someone, we want to know more about him. Our relationship with the Lord is no different. If we want to know more about the One whom we love, let us delve into His story and the way His Church came to be.

Vatican II has called the Bible “the support and energy of the Church,” the pure and everlasting source of spiritual life and the food for the soul. For many Catholics in earlier years, exposure to the Bible was passive. We were often warned against making mistakes in interpretation. But, with all the study helps of the books of the Bible that we have today, we have guides.

Our current parish bible studies include discussion of questions answered in a work book, an Ascension Press video presentation, and final remarks. There are usually 5 to 8 people sharing questions at each table. Sharing with other Catholics is one of the great delights of the sessions.

In mid-January 2022 our parish is offering a study of First Corinthians. Discover how Corinth was an urban area much like some of our cities today. See how Paul encourages his new Christians to battle the excesses of that time. It gives us insight into the struggles that we have in today’s society.

Some Years ago, when I experienced my first Bible Study, I was a bit nervous, feeling like I did not know enough to participate. I learned that there are always new learners in any Bible Study, and other members are most accepting. The Lord wants you there. Be brave, be open, and you will be AMAZED!


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