Welcome to our premiere issue of The Family Seton, our parish’s newest form of communication. Look for this publication to come out quarterly, with the next issue in January, of 2022

History of St. Elizabeth Seton Parish

As the Sun Cities continued to grow during the 1970’s, church membership also increased at the two existing Catholic parishes in the area. Aware of the need for an additional church…

Getting to know our patron saint

The life of the patron saint of our parish was an incredible spiritual journey of persistent and enduring faith and hope in the face of difficult times and tragedies…

Passing the Baton

As we all gather around the Lord’s table at mass, we sometimes forget there has already been much work done behind the scenes to add to the beauty of this celebration.

St. Elizabeth’s Adoration Chapel

It is new. It is beautiful. It is an invitation. As we march through life, we realize that there is an inner thirst in us, a longing, for a special relationship with the Lord.

Advent 2021

Are you ready to celebrate the New Year? Not the one on December 31, but the one on November 28. It’s the start of the new Liturgical Year; the beginning of ADVENT

All Souls Day across cultures

One Fall Sunday, about four years ago, I passed a table on my way into Mass. On the table, carefully placed, were framed photos of men, women, children…